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We are Google employees. Google must drop Dragonfly

We are Google employees and we join Amnesty International in calling on Google to cancel project Dragonfly, Google’s effort to create a censored search engine for the Chinese market that enables state surveillance.

Why We’re Seeing A Rising VPN Market

By 2022, the global VPN market is forecast to hit 35.73 billion dollars. That’s nearly two times the amount forecast for this year, according to Orbis Research. However, this study was done in 2016. 

MPLS or IPsec VPN: which is better?

These days, you can get an extremely fast, fiber, business Internet connection for a relatively low cost. So, should you ditch your company's expensive MPLS Wide Area Network and replace it with an IPsec VPN over giant fiber Internet circuits at each site?

Understanding Virtual Private Networks

VPNs can create secure remote-access and site-to-site connections inexpensively, are a stepping stone to software-defined WANs, and are proving useful in IoT.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Free WiFi

You blow a whole afternoon wandering from bakery to bakery munching 2€ donuts while you try to put that one candid picture of yourself in front of the Coliseum on Facebook. Or you don’t truly need internet until you’re stuck at a train station in Zagreb, with no WiFi, no mobile data and no idea how you’re going to contact your friend who’s supposed to pick up…

VPN vs DNS and Proxy Servers – Which is Best?

A VPN, Smart DNS and Proxy Server can each provide you with added layers of security to protect your privacy online, or help you to access services which are locked to specific regions. By encrypting, decentralizing, relocating, and generally masking your personal information while you’re using the internet, these services protect you from the seedy underbelly of the online world and give you access to content that is otherwise unreachable.

Simple steps to protect yourself on public Wi-Fi

Accessing the internet isn't normally a problem when you're inside the confines of your own home—it's secure, it's easy to connect to, and it's relatively uncongested—unless the whole family is streaming netflix on five separate devices. 

DOJ and FCC request Supreme Court vacate 2016 net neutrality ruling

The Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission today requested that the Supreme Court vacate an appeals court decision upholding net neutrality in 2016. If the court decides to grant the motion, the previous decision to support the rules would be removed, clearing the path for re-litigation in the future when it comes to classifying broadband.